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Actively Engaging Youth in Local Communities

The Youth Engagement Project is being delivered jointly by the Jordan National Red Crescent Society, and the Danish Red Cross. The project aims to engage the youth in local communities through humanitarian and social work. It focuses on developing the skills and competencies of young people to enable them to transform into agents of behavioural change, addressing the humanitarian challenges faced by local communities as well as increasing the focus on advocacy-based youth leadership.

The project was designed in response to the challenges caused by the large influx of Syrian refugees, promoting social cohesion in the host community. It will do this by integrating Syrian youth not only as a target group, but also by volunteering at the Jordanian Red Crescent and disseminating its principles, core values and renouncing violence.

The project further aims to ensure the continuity of activities that promote flexibility, prosperity and co-existence between groups of less fortunate youth. It realises this aim by implementing activities developing life skills, establishing girl’s clubs and through promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The project will also facilitate the cooperation and dialogue between Danish and Jordanian youth, providing opportunities to exchange experiences and participate in implementing the activities.


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