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Asayel’s Story – A Cochlear Implant to Restore Hearing and Speaking

03 Apr 2017

Most of us have the luck to have our senses to guide us through our days. But life for eight year old Asayel has been a test of patience, having been born without hearing or ability to speak.

Asayel’s father, Rami Mohammed Al Awad, is a Syrian refugee residing in the Sahab district. He couldn’t hide his tears of joy when it was announced Asayel would have the opportunity to have a Cochlear Implant. He was overjoyed at the thought of his daughter finally being able to communicate, to hear the voices of her parents and brothers for the first time in her life.

Mr Al Awd explained that Asayel, born in Homs, has a heightened social intelligence when dealing with others, even when she cannot hear the conversations taking place around her. Despite not being able to speak, she provides a lot of help and joy in the family home. The family have not previously been able to consider the operation as the cost was too great and their insurance would not cover the fees.

Asayel’s operation took place on March 1, which her parents consider as a new birthday for their child. The Jordan Red Crescent, in cooperation with the Kuwaiti Red Crescent, organised the implant procedure.

Whilst Asayel was undergoing the procedure in the operating theatre, volunteers of the Jordan Red Crescent and the Kuwaiti Red Crescent decorated her room with flowers, balloons and gifts.

Asayel and her family expressed their gratitude to the Red Crescent Societies for their kind support. Her grandmother was delighted that her granddaughter would receive treatment, and expressed her gratefulness to God for helping her family.

The cochlear implant consultant, Dr Abd Rabbo Qabilat, confirmed that the operation was a great success. Asayel will receive ongoing rehabilitation in a specialised Centre for three months, to overcome her severe hearing and speech impairments. Daily communication with her peers and other children would also assist in her therapy.

The Director of Public Relation and Information of the Kuwaiti Red Crescent, Mr Khaled Al Zaid, said that the cochlear implant procedure on Asayel was the first of many that the organisation would like to undertake. A number of other patients have been identified as requiring humanitarian assistance.

The assistance of Dr Hamad Al Duaij, Kuwaiti Ambassador to Jordan, was appreciated in organising the surgery for Asayel.

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