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Community Workshop on Humanitarian Work with Syrian Refugees

16 Apr 2017

The Jordan Red Crescent, in cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross, organised a community workshop on "Local Humanitarian Action with Syrian Refugees and the Host Community" on Saturday. Representatives from the local Syrian community, community institutions working in the field with Syrian refugees, and Jordanian community members participated in the workshop.

The workshop aimed at promoting dialogue on the principles of humanitarian work among community workers, provided an opportunity to exchange views on the situation and needs of the target groups, explained how to develop coordination and cooperation in the field of humanitarian work, and dissemination of knowledge about the fundamental principles of humanitarian action. The event created a path for cooperation and networking among humanitarian workers.

Human rights activist Dr. Nahed Ghazoul said that one of the most important challenges facing the associations in the humanitarian field in Jordan, is the weakness of coordination mechanisms between associations and humanitarian organisations, which leads to depletion of resources and duplication of projects implemented for the target groups. 

She called on the humanitarian associations to improve their humanitarian work by moving from rhetoric to action and effective results, hoping that the needs of the refugees will be determined first, and then to find effective mechanisms for coordination and concerted efforts among them.

For his part, the human rights activist lawyer Ali al-Mufailani said that one of the most important challenges facing the Syrian societies is the legal subject and licensing of these associations, noting that it is difficult to register these associations with the Ministry of Social Development.

He added that these associations suffer from lack of financial and in-kind resources, in addition to the lack of coordination and exchange of information with the associations in the host country and working on humanitarian issues.

He also stressed the necessity of cooperation and networking with the humanitarian associations in Jordan, so that there is reliable data on aid beneficiaries. He also pointed out the importance of sharing roles through cooperation with government agencies or the Jordanian Red Crescent. There is a need to control and improve the performance and delivery of services to the right of the refugees.

He wished to organize training workshops for the members of these associations in order to embed the principles of humanitarian work in dealing with recipients of assistance.

The Executive Director of Rennad, Lara Chahine, said "The most difficulties facing the work of the Syrian humanitarian societies are legal issues and difficulty in obtaining approvals for licensing, in addition to the difficulty of marketing small projects for international or local donor organizations.

Shaheen added that it is necessary to disseminate the correct ideas and basic projects so that in the near future we will be able to rebuild Syria and rehabilitate the Syrian youth to work through projects based on the ground, such as education, training, professional, medical and other. We hope to cooperate with larger organizations such as the Jordan Red Crescent, to achieve our ambitious goals for the future".


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