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Dr. Al-Hadid meets the heads of the Jordan Red Crescent Branches

07 May 2017

President of the Jordan Red Crescent National Society, H.E. Dr Mohammad Mutlaq Al-Hadid, met with the heads and members of the 10 branches, at the Jordan Red Crescent Training Center in Madaba on Sunday. Dr. Al-Hadid said that this meeting was the first activity after the election of the Executive Committee of the Assembly, to review the branches and strengthen relationships with the JRC headquarters, and confirming their unwavering support.

The main focus of the Branch meeting was the building of institutional capacities, discussing results of the recent Branch evaluations, and presentation of research on the opportunities to assist throughout the Syrian crisis.

Dr Al-Hadid highlighted the challenges facing the Red Crescent because of the great competition from different organisations. He pointed out that the Red Crescent is focussed on activating its first aid programs throughout the Kingdom. Through this process, the Jordan Red Crescent looks forward to establishing a generation of trainees and finding a "paramedic in every house" in cooperation with the Directorate of Civil Defense, which links the association with a strong partnership.

The Head of the Department of Organisational Development delivered a comprehensive presentation to the attendees about the reality of the Red Crescent branches in the governorates, summarising their problems, strengths, weaknesses and resources, and to propose solutions to their challenges.

An extended dialogue was held between Dr. Al Hadid and the heads and members of the branches. At the end of the meeting, the Dr Al-Hadid presented certificates of appreciation to the Branch Heads in appreciation of their efforts.

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