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First aid courses

28 Aug 2012


Ultimately, it’s the role of the government to ensure that its health welfare systems are capable of meeting the needs of its population, and particularly the most vulnerable as was clearly defined in Strategy 2010 of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent.
The Jordan Red Crescent plays a complementary role through providing a variety of health services and programmes that are developed to fulfil local and national needs.

Jordan Red Crescent Hospital

The JRC hospital is strategically situated in an under-privileged area of Amman near the largest Palestinian refugee camp. It was inaugurated in 1953 and has since undergone much expansion and renovation thanks to the generosity of various donors. It now has 126 beds, four main operating
theatres and one for minor surgery; a seven bed ICU equipped with the latest technology; maternity and radiology departments, laboratory, blood bank, dental clinic, pharmacy Post Partum Centre, a Dialysis Unit and a 24-hour Accident and Emergency Unit.


The donation received by the JRC in 2003/2004 from the Japanese Embassy enabled it to renovate and re-equip its kitchen and laundry.


Since the beginning of the current Intifada the hospital’s services have benefited the victims of armed conflict both from the West Bank and Gaza.

The hospital is non-profit making. It charges nominal fees to cover running costs and staff salaries.

Sheikh Zayed Ben Sultan Renal Dialysis Unit

By a donation from the UAE Red Crescent, a 6 bed Renal Dialysis Unit was established in 2004. In addition to providing this service to the local community the unit also serves patients with renal dysfunction referred through the MOH, as the JRC has signed a cooperation agreement with the MOH to refer all cases that are beyond the capacity of the MOH hospitals to JRC hospital.

Comprehensive Mother and Child Health Care Centres

Located in under-privileged areas of Amman and Aqaba, the JRC has established two comprehensive Post Partum centres equipped with modern instruments to provide mother and child with prenatal and postpartum care.
These important services are provided in a family-friendly atmosphere and offer safe, effective and easily used family planning methods under the supervision of specialists and a highly trained medical team.

Dental Clinic

The JRC runs a dental clinic adjacent to its H.Q in Amman which is open to the general public. The clinic employs a fully qualified dentist and is equipped with high quality materials providing conventional dental treatment such as fillings, extractions, etc and also the fitting of false teeth, the provision of removable orthodontic appliances and minor surgery. These treatments are offered at nominal charge.

Medical Laboratory

With the support of the JRC’s headquarters and other donors in 1981 the Maan branch opened a medical laboratory located in the centre of the city. The laboratory is run by professional staff and equipped with modern instruments which are constantly updated. It provides a vital service to the local community only charging nominal fees to cover running costs.
In 2002 the JRC laboratory was certified by the Ministry of Health to carry out HIV and Thalasemia blood tests. It provides these services to an average of 15-20 persons per day.

Free medical days

The JRC and its various branches organise numerous days for free medical care. This activity aims at reaching the needy persons in their community, so they may benefit from a free medical check-up carried out by physicians. The recipients of this service are also given free medication as needed.

Ambulance services

Since 1967 the JRC in cooperation with ICRC has been providing an ambulance service to transport the sick and the elderly to and from the West Bank and other neighbouring countries. The JRC also provides ambulance services and medical escort for many other urgent humanitarian cases.
During the last Iraqi crisis - in cooperation with the Civil Defence - The Jordan Red Crescent provided ambulance services for third
Ambulance services
country nationals who had fled Iraq and were on their way to their countries of origin. The ambulance and medical escort accompanied them from the JRC transient camp at the Ruwieshed border to the country exit ports of Amman and Aqaba.


First Aid

Since its inception the Jordan Red Crescent has been seeking to create awareness in the area of first aid among people. This is a vital service as it can help save many lives that otherwise would be lost. These services seek to achieve the aim of the Jordan Red Crescent, which is “to provide a first aider in every household”.
To emphasize this philosophy the Society opened The National Centre for First Aid and Risk Prevention in October 2001.

The National Centre for First Aid and Risk Prevention holds the following sessions:

1. Basic Courses in First Aid
2. Advanced First Aid Courses
3. CPR Training Courses
4. Equipping Trainers in First Aid
5. First Aid Courses for “Driving Licence Applicants”
6. First Aid and Water Rescue Courses
7. First Aid Courses for Housewives
8. Risk Prevention Courses
9. Disaster Management Courses

The Jordan Red Crescent also works on developing its national and regional Community Based First Aid (CBFA) capacities to strengthen the community in tackling day to day health problems, managing injuries, preventing diseases and preparing for and reducing the impact of disasters by mobilizing local resources through Red Crescent community based first aid volunteers.
To develop the national and regional CBFA, the JRC provides national level leadership training of trainers, continuous education, National certification as well as working on developing a First Aid Kit.

The National Centre for First Aid and Risk Prevention

Amman – Shmeisani – Wasfi El Tal Street
Tel: 00962 - 6 – 5682707

Blood Bank

Our blood bank encourages blood donors to make sure we have sufficient supplies to serve the requirements of the hospital. It is staffed by professional technicians who carry out various tests to ensure the safety of the public.


HIV/AIDS Awareness Programmes

In 2002 the JRC launched its national campaign against HIV/AIDS as an integral part of the global campaign of the Red Cross/Red Crescent to fight stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS. The overall goal is to promote responsible behaviour which prevents the transmission of HIV and to develop people’s attitude and way of thinking towards those afflicted.

At national level – the JRC holds numerous workshops for TOT and Peer Educators with the Ministry of Health, Universities, schools, and other civil society organizations working with youth who subsequently incorporate our programmes into their own.
The Jordan Red Crescent also seeks to create sustainable partnerships with other organisations working with HIV/AIDS issues. In cooperation with Family Health International / IMPACT project; the JRC has implemented a successful awareness programme “The Truth about AIDS. PASS IT ON...” in the north and south of Jordan.

The President of the JRC is the Vice Chairman of the National AIDS Committee. The JRC is an active member of that Committee as well as being a member in the Jordan UN HIV/AIDS Theme Group.
JRC volunteers organise and carry out the different activities of the awareness programme which include workshops, seminars, questionnaires, dissemination of pertinent material, focus groups meetings, designing educational tools, various social events, celebration of World AIDS Day and distribution of symbolic awards to stakeholders.

At regional level – the training of staff/volunteers from Middle East North Africa Red Cross Red Crescent Societies, e.g Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Lebanon.
JRC also became a member of the Regional Arab Network Against AIDS network – RANA.


At international level – participate in International AIDS conferences, e.g at the Barcelona conference where for the first time an HIV positive Jordanian spoke of his trauma in public only made possible by the support of the Jordan Red Crescent for PLWA.


Other Health Care Services

In order to reach the most vulnerable the JRC operates the following services through its branches - in co-operation with sister RC/RC societies and various other humanitarian organisations:

  • - Promotion of public awareness regarding health issues
  • - Dental Clinic mostly serving refugees and the under-privileged
  • - Training of selected professionals e.g doctors, nurses etc.
  • - First Aid and Water Rescue Posts
  • - In times of disaster, the JRC in cooperation with IFRC deploys Emergency Response Units for Basic Health Care or field hospitals.


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