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The Fundamental Principles and My Life - Mohammed Jbour

22 May 2015

I have been a volunteer at the National Red Crescent Society since 2002 and have participated in several programs including land-mine awareness, the dissemination of international humanitarian law, and the psychosocial support programmes.
As for the international movement and its seven principles (humanitarianism, neutrality, impartiality, non-discrimination, independence, voluntarism, internationalism), I have a special story about it and how over time it has changed my life:

In My Personal Life:
I have become more aware of what life is and of who I am in this world. I am more confident that my place in it is through what I do and not through what I receive.  I became a believer in my ability to create change. I have used the principles to guide what I do. These principles become magic words that enable me to create change and inspire those around me.

Through My Work:
I have been a teacher at a school and at the Princess Salma Centre for Children since 2003. These principles have had the greatest impact on my behaviour and approach to my students, ultimately nourishing their thinking. The experience I gained from attending workshops at the Jordanian Red Crescent have made me a more committed and successful person in my work.

The Seven Principles and My Life:
I worked at the Amman Events Centre and at the Princess Salma Centre for Children with marginalized children and children of Syrian refugees. My understanding of the seven principles was a result of my role in working with these vulnerable groups, including refugees. I have been given the seven principles to be the light and flame that lead me to make every effort to help these sectors.The seven principles were the personal beliefs that I reflected onto my students. the Amman Events Centre, and the Princess Salma Centre for Children. In my work with the refugees, I was able to gain their trust and love and help them better through applying these principles.

I myself felt among my students how their self-confidence and hope for the future grew. They trusted that the world had hope.I have now lived with these principles in my home and in my freedom.In short, I became more human and happier. I made those around me and those who work with me happier, more hopeful, and have more trust in tomorrow for a happy future.These are brief words of my relationship with the Seven Principles of International Movement.
In the end, I hope that these principles will permeate the entire world. We will end injustice, war and destruction. We will be happy and build a better tomorrow, God willing.

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