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Gender Workshop Hosted by JNRC

09 Oct 2016

The Jordan Red Crescent Youth and Volunteer Unit - Irbid Branch, recently delivered a one day workshop on gender.

The workshop, which targeted the volunteers of the branch, discussed the importance of gender and its integration into the programs and projects of the National Assembly. Speakers from the Jordanian Red Crescent pointed out that the reasons for the emergence of the concept of gender are due to the change in ideas, concepts, values, ​​and customs in society. In addition to the difference that has occurred in the roles of both men and women, an increase in community awareness about the importance of the role of women in society has also occurred.

The workshop pointed out that the concept of gender describes social differences affecting the positionality of men and women throughout their life cycle. They advocated for reducing the phenomenon of gender-based violence and raising awareness about the importance protecting women from these various forms of violence. The workshop aimed at raising the awareness of participants about their rights and duties and trained women on how to deal with their family problems, in addition to talking about the forms of violence that they may have encountered. 

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