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Homework Club: Motivating Jordanian and Syrian Students with Education

17 Apr 2017

“Afraa” walks from her home in Irbid Province to the “Sanabel” Association each day. The Association focuses on providing care and rehabilitation programmes for orphans, as well as poor and disabled children. It helps the children strengthen their knowledge of various school subjects and ensures they complete their homework, especially in those subjects that need special attention such as English and mathematics. The Jordan Red Crescent volunteers at the Irbid branch have spared no effort to extend a helping hand to students among Syrian refugees.

Afraa Ahmad, who is in fifth grade, expressed that she is pleased to benefit from the positive learning environment created by the knowledgeable Jordan Red Crescent volunteers. She added “I have benefited from the tutoring for four years given to me by JRC volunteers until I became first in my English class”.

Her peer “Islam Khaled”, a fourth grade Syrian refugee, said: “I used to be weak in English and Mathematics, but after I registered at the Centre, I improved my level a lot”.

The student “Islam” confirmed that through the Homework Club it opened the possibility to meet new students, strengthening the communication and contact between them. It also encourages them to complete their homework together.

The Syrian student “Mohammed Manukh Al-Amri”, who is in fifth grade, expressed satisfaction with the Homework Club. He received particular attention in spelling, writing and mathematics where he is weakest. In his words he said it he was happy that “the Jordanian Red Crescent gave me a place to study,  and also time to play and enjoy myself after we finish our homework”.

The activities of the Homework club, which are implemented in Irbid and Madaba branches of the Jordanian Red Crescent, target students between the age of 6 and 13. Qualified volunteers help children with their studies and help them do their homework. The club is located close to where the students live. The club provides enough space for the children to socialise and get to know each other.

Head of JRC's Youth and Volunteer Unit, Rania Suaifan, mentioned that the “homework cafés” are implemented by Jordan Red Crescent, supported by the Danish Red Cross in Irbid, Madaba and Amman governorates where children of ages 6-13 years old can get free help with their homework from qualified volunteers. The cafés are free for all and ideally situated close to areas where the children live, so they can visit the café after school or during the weekend. In addition to providing much needed help to children, it creates a space where the children can get to know the volunteers and have fun while doing their homework.

483 students have benefited from the homework cafes throughout 2015 and 2016.

H.E Dr. Mohammed Al-Hadid President of the Jordan Red Crescent praised the branches who have adopted the project, as well as volunteers running the programme, and called for the expansion of this project to include all branches of Jordanian Red Crescent. He would like to see larger numbers of students participating, who wish to benefit from the project to progress in their education and receive incentives to succeed.

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