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"I have overcome the challenges facing me as a refugee" - Suad's Story

06 Apr 2017

With a heavy heard and a face etched with grief, Syrian refugee Suad (not her real name) could not hold back her tears when she was asked: “What was it like to leave Syria with your four children in search of stability and security in Jordan?” She broke into tears as she recounted the bitter details of her journey.

Suad, in her forties, found her way through Syria to the Nasib Border Crossing after a grueling fourteen-hour trek, during which she traversed multiple valleys and mountainous areas. She would not have chosen this route, but dire conditions compelled her to take this treacherous path in order to protect her and her children’s lives and escape gunfire and shelling. 

Suad did not conceal the fact that she paid a large sum to certain groups as a way to facilitate her flight to Jordan, escaping from the painful reality that has come to represent a danger to their lives, well-being, and security as the armed conflict in Syria continues.

Although she lost her husband, who passed away in Syria after suffering from an incurable illness, she did not lose her faith in God, who shows compassion to all downtrodden people, according to Suad. At the same time, she affirmed that the philanthropic community in Jordan spared no effort to provide the full range of support and assistance to her and her children.

Suad expressed her thanks and gratitude to JRC’s Mafraq branch for coordinating a delivery of aid from abroad, and she considered the Branch a source of support for affected and displaced Syrians. She indicated that she was regularly receiving humanitarian food aid, cleaning and hygienic supplies, blankets, and much more, and that this aid was being equitably distributed by JRC staff and volunteers.

Suad said that none of her children are suffering from chronic diseases or skin diseases, adding that the dedicated centres for Syrian refugee children’s health care helped to avoid and curb these diseases.

She also stated that her children are enrolled in government schools in Mafraq Governorate, giving them the chance to develop academically and seek out new knowledge and learning, thereby overcoming the challenges facing them as refugees far from home

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