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Iftar Meals Offered with Kuwaiti Red Crescent

04 Jun 2015

Syrian refugee, Ahmed Abdel Qader Zaarour, expressed his gratitude to the Jordan Red Crescent for organising an Iftar meal, held with the support of the Kuwaiti Red Crescent. The evening meal, which breaks the fast during the days of Ramadan, has been held for the past two days in the Prince Hashem Garden. Meals have been offered to approximately 1700 Syrian beneficiaries. Around 500 gift vouchers have also been distributed, for Eid al-Fitr.

Amr Shehadeh, who attended one of the meals, said that these events also provided a great opportunity for Syrians to speak together while sharing a meal, allowing them to support each other during their difficulties, and encouraging the ideals of goodwill and compassion. Shehadeh was also very impressed with the organisation of the meal, saying the seating arrangements and distribution of gift vouchers was particularly well coordainted. He thanked JRC and the Kuwaiti Red Crescent for their humanitarian work.

Bassam Ibrahim Al-Saleem agreed, stating that hosting large numbers of refugees in the park, and distribution of meals and sweets, demonstrates the excellent planning by the Jordan Red Crescent volunteers. He appreciated the entertainment provided for the children at the events, including the good choice of park with play facilities, and activities such as face painting provided. He mentioned that despite the worsening Syrian crisis, the refugees in Jordan felt embraced by the community, and appreciated the support and assistance.

Head of the Kuwaiti Red Crescent Mission, Khaled Al-Zaid Al-Nasser said that the event reinforces the humanitarian principles in the form of giving to others. He stressed the importance of extending assistance to the refugee brothers in this time of crisis, and thanked the Jordan Red Crescent for facilitation the events.

Dr. Mohammad Mutlaq Al-Hadid, thanked the Kuwait Red Crescent Society for their assistance and charitable programs for the Syrians in the Kingdom of Jordan, stressing that they have a great impact in the hearts of beneficiaries, especially during the month of Ramadan. Dr. Al-Hadid also expressed his hope that the countries of the world will follow the example of Kuwait, with its assistance to the Syrian refugees, particularly in light of the worsening crisis in Syria.

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