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The Jordanian Red Crescent Holds a Briefing for the International Movement and its New Employees

11 Oct 2016

The Jordanian Red Crescent held a lecture this morning to new employees of the association to familiarize them with the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and the dissemination of international humanitarian law.

The Director of Public Relations and Information in the Jordanian Red Crescent, Mr. Mohammad Al-Tarifi, gave a presentation focusing on the main themes of the movement's history and its origins, as well as a brief explanation of the components of the movement including the International Committee of the Red Cross, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Red and Red Crescent.

The committee's role is to provide protection of all forms of aid and assistance to the victims of wars and conflicts and to promote the development of the provisions of international humanitarian law. The role of the International Federation is to provide relief to those affected by natural disasters, in addition to the basic principles of the movement.

In addition, he stressed during the lecture that the movement enjoys the support of millions of volunteers committed to the basic principles of humanity, impartiality, impartiality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality. The workshop was attended by a group of staff of partner organizations working with humanitarian and relief workers from the Jordanian Red Crescent.

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