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The Jordanian Red Crescent/ National First Aid and Risk Reduction Center holds a first aid seminar for students at the German Jordanian University.

12 Aug 2015


The Jordanian Red Crescent/ the National First Aid and risk reduction Center held a first aid seminar at the German Jordanian University. The seminar provided brochures and information on the importance of performing first aid and how to avoid common mistakes and misconceptions in dealing with various domestic accidents, which are only intended until the patient is moved to the nearest clinic or hospital or until a medical team arrives.

The speakers at the seminar also explained how to deal with sun strokes caused by increased body temperatures and how to avoid them; hence the Kingdom has seen drastic heat waves this summer which resulted in sun stroke cases among citizens.

The Participating students were actively contributing with questions and queries on the proper way of providing first aid. At the conclusion of the seminar, the university’s Youth Activity Council thanked the Jordanian Red Crescent for responding to the university’s invitation to deliver awareness seminars of this nature and introducing correct first aid procedures to students.



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