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JRC Organisational Development Unit visits Balqa Branch

09 Feb 2017

The Jordan Red Crescent Organisational Development Department visited the Balqa Branch yesterday, meeting with the Branch President Mr. Mohammed Al-Shomali.

The aim of this visit was to consolidate and strengthen the relationship between the main office in Amman and the Branches, based on the strategy of branch development and capacity building.

The visit also discussed how to strengthen communication between the Branches in order to exchange experiences to better serve the public interest. In addition to focusing on the activities of the branches, discussions included the humanitarian programs that are implemented for the members of the local community and refugees, and media coverage and highlighting various media and web sites for social development.

Emphasis was placed on empowering the association to reach the largest number of target communities through its branches and network of volunteers. By establishing a mechanism to attract and retain volunteers and young members, the Branch can be strengthened, self-financing and can mobilise it's financial resources.

At the end of the visit, the team from the Organizational Development Unit toured the facilities of the Branch, including the King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein Orphanage which sponsors many girls, and provides them with many humanitarian services.

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