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Migrant Workers Project

Migration is a growing phenomenon affecting almost all countries. While many of the immigrants are leaving of their own accord, perhaps in search of economic opportunities and better living conditions, others have no choice. A growing number of people are fleeing their homes and communities to escape conflict, lack of security, disasters and poverty. Many immigrants adjust once they settle in their new communities, however other immigrants face difficulties. Forced labour, domestic servitude and trafficking are known results from large movements of people. These are the main concerns for the activities of the National Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

As migration is a global phenomenon, partnerships with governmental and non-governmental agencies, immigrant groups, host communities and the network of our National Societies is essential for addressing the issue.

The global migration project extends over 42 months, and is funded by the Directorate General for Development and Cooperation, and the European Commission's Europe Aid (DG DEVCO). It is implemented in nearly 15 countries, including Jordan.

The overall goal is create a global shift to promote and protect human rights in the countries and regions of migration corridors, with a special focus on migrants who are domestic workers and victims of human trafficking. The objectives include:

  • Promotion of a harmonious and coordinated approach towards civil society organisations who are working for the protection of human rights of migrants.

  • Strengthen the opportunity of the immigrants to benefit from and receive social services.

  • Strengthen the capacity of civil society organisations to support the improvement of the human rights of immigrants, particularly domestic workers and victims of human trafficking.


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