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New Hope Touches the Life of 'Zain'

03 Apr 2017

The joy of young parents, Mr and Mrs Mohammed Salah Abu Al Saud, could not be contained when their daughter received the life-saving treatment she desperately needed.

Nine-month-old Zain suffered from congenital heart malformations requiring open-heart surgery, but the costs were simply too high for her family to afford. The Al Saud family are Syrian refugees currently living in East Amman, with Mr Al Saud working in sanitary installations.

When the Jordan Red Crescent, working in partnership with the Kuwaiti Red Crescent, first heard about Zain’s condition, they ensured that all surgery and treatment expenses were covered on behalf of the family.

Zain’s father expressed his thanks for the efforts of the Jordanian Red Crescent team for providing all facilities and communications before, during and after the operation. In his dialect, he wished "God reward them all the best."

Zain’s surgery is another example of the Jordan Red Crescent and Kuwaiti Red Crescent enacting the principle of humanitarianism, a fundamental principle of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement.

Pediatric Consultant Dr Awni Al-Madani said that the surgery was successful in repairing Zain’s heart malformations, and that she could now continue with a new lease on life.

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