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Rana - JRC Volunteer Devoted to Serving Vulnerable Groups

17 Apr 2017

"The glimmer of hope, and the shine in the eyes of our refugee brothers when we visit them, feels like the lifeline they cling to"

With these words, the Jordanian Red Crescent Volunteer Rana Qassem Abu Alrab, expressed her feelings towards vulnerable groups, and the importance of providing aid to those who have innocenctly suffered wars and conflicts, and have had to flee to safer countries.

The 20-year-old Rana expressed happiness when she joined the volunteer team in Irbid in 2013, indicating that her family encouraged her to volunteer, especially after learning of the extent of the Jordan Red Crescent's services for asylum seekers and the local community.

Rana has acquired many communication skills through joining the Irbid Youth team. She has attended numerous training courses, including a Life Skills Workshop with the support of the Danish Red Cross 2013, participation in the Regional Youth Camp (Community Youth Initiatives) with the support of the Danish Red Cross 2014, and Training Camp for the National Disaster Response Team of the Jordan Red Crescent, 2014.

Rana stressed that it is necessary to focus on gaining skills and self-development in order to deal with refugees and members of the local community. The courses she has participated in have helped her in the practical application of the working with refugees, and improved teamwork with other volunteers. These are benefits all the JRC volunteers share.

Through her volunteer work, Rana has noted many the problems facing the refugees and her local community. These include poverty and financial need, high illiteracy (especially among Syrian refugees), and dropout rates from school due to the cost of school fees and transportation.

It also noted that there are increasing forms of violence, a high rate of early marriage and the consequent harm to maternal and child health.

During her visits to the refugee families, Rana was surprised to find out that the majority of Syrian women can not read, and know only the name of the area.

Rana said she will continue with her volunteering with the Jordan Red Crescent. She says the motivation and encouragement for her to continue is the positive impact her work is having on the lives of the peole she is serving.

In addition, Rana won first place in a competition organised by the Jordan Red Crescent National Society on 2015, for writing a humanitarian story on how she applies the Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement in the service of humanity. She was awarded the prize at the celebration of the International Red Cross and Crescent Day, on May 9.

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