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Shirin Maqabl: JRC volunteer makes mosaics to present to the community

16 May 2016

Shirin Muqabl, a JRC volunteer in Madaba, has long dreamt of bringing art to her community. To achieve that dream, Shirin spends hours a day at the JRC headquarters in Madaba creating and teaching the craft of mosaics to anyone interested in learning the art form.  

Shirin first began to learn how to create mosaics when she was in university. She struggled against the stereotype that it was a craft for men, and she continued to learn the art form despite pressure to stop.

In 2012, Shirin learned about the JRC and the organization’s fundamental principles. She began volunteering with the JRC by working with the Girls Club, a program that develops girls’ life skills and pushes them to engage positively with society. Shirin says that volunteering with the JRC has become a full-time job for her, despite employment opportunities in other sectors. She hope to enable people to realize their dreams through the art of mosaics, noting that in the beginning it takes patience, perseverance, and effort.

Shirin Maqabl is a positive role model and an effective volunteer at the JRC, especially because of her dedication to the organisation’s mission and her sense of sincerity, honesty, and sacrifice. She truly understands the RCRC principle of “voluntary service”.

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