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Syrian refugees show appreciation for aid coupons as part of the “Loaf of Bread” project.

01 Jan 1970

The Syrian refugee crisis affecting most parts of the Kingdom has revealed major challenges facing Jordan, particularly as the Syrian influx continues. This leaves no doubt that the crisis has outstripped Jordan’s energy and resources and requires international organizations and donors’ full support to facilitate the accommodation of refugees and ensure a decent standard of living. 

The initiatives of the Kuwaiti Red Crescent Society in tandem with the efforts of JRC’s team have come in the wake of the crisis as an invaluable by-product of efforts to ensure the availability of an important part of Syrian refugees’ daily food needs, bread, as it is an essential and indispensable component in the life of every human being.

Refugees receiving “Loaf of Bread” coupons esteemed the efforts of the sister Kuwaiti and Jordanian Red Crescent Societies to stand by them during the tremendous crisis they are experiencing. At the same time, they expressed their gratitude for Arab initiatives and campaigns aiming to provide food, alleviate the psychological impact of the crisis, and serve Syrians more generally.

A resident the Al Hashimi Al Shamali district, Syrian refugee Ilham Ghalyoun was pleased that her six-person family has been guaranteed 2 kilos of bread per day as part of the “Loaf of Bread” project supported by the Kuwaiti Red Crescent Society. She also indicated that the process of obtaining coupons was rapid and straightforward thanks to the joint efforts of JRC and its volunteers.

Syrian refugee Tamer Abduh Al Abdullah devoutly lifted his hands in prayer to God – He is exalted – for the prosperity of the leadership and people of Jordan and Arab countries who have provided humanitarian support and launched charitable campaigns in cooperation with JRC to help Syrian refugees everywhere.

And regarding his daily bread requirement, Al Abdullah stated that two kilos of bread for his family members is a sufficient amount of this staple food to meet his daily nutritional needs. Furthermore, he pointed out that a guaranteed monthly coupon through the “Loaf of Bread” project saves refugees the cost of buying bread and bolsters Arab solidarity and fraternity.

As for fifty-something Khaled Al Hussein, he explained that the humanitarian efforts of the Kuwaiti and Jordanian Red Crescent Societies are outstanding in this regard. He denied that there has been any interruption in humanitarian aid for Syrians regardless of where they are living. According to him, this reflects the volume of the material and moral contribution of the Arab and International Red Crescent Societies and the extent to which they have understood Jordan’s inability, given its limited resources, to bear the burden of the Syrian refugee crisis without the assistance of international organizations and donors committed to the Syrian refugee crisis.

Syrian refugee Khaled Abdulkareem, a resident of the Al Hashemi Al Shamali district, also was also delighted when he obtained his monthly coupon entitling him to purchase two kilos of bread per day from bakeries near his family’s home. He said, however, that while the needs of his eight-person family outstrip the amount of bread assistance he receives, the guarantee of humanitarian assistance from the Kuwaiti Red Crescent in tandem with JRC and its volunteers relieves day-to-day suffering of Syrian refugees.

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