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Syrian Relief Efforts

Jordan is host to about 1.4 million Syrians, including around 650,000 registered refugees. While some 83% of all refugees have settled in host communities, particularly in the urban area of Amman and the northern governates of Jordan, the remaining live in refugee camps.

Working with our partners; the ICRC, Iraqi Red Crescent Society, the King Salman Humanitarian and Relief Centre, Danish Red Cross, German Red Cross, Qatar Red Crescent and the French Red Cross, we delivered the following in 2016:

  • 4,629 reached through improving the living conditions of Syrian refugees and the host community

  • 24,370 reached through the Cash Transfer Programme

  • 36,625 reached through the Psychosocial Support Programme

  • 39,261 reached through the Tracing Programme

  • 486 reached through vocational trainings

  • 1,682 reached through young people’s active participation in civil society

  • 67,000 reached through relief assistance

  • 97,148 reached through the CBHFA programme


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