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Tracing and Restoring Family Links

In 2009, the Tracing unit was recognized as an essential service unit, and situated under the Disaster Management Section. The unit works with the ICRC Family Links Network and other National Societies in Amman, the governorates and the Za’atari refugee camp.

The Family Links Network helps people look for family members when they have lost contact due to armed conflict or other situations of violence, natural or man-made disasters, or migration as well as in other situations of humanitarian need. They pay special attention to looking for the family members of unaccompanied or separated minors and other vulnerable persons in the first phase of an emergency.

National Societies help each other when searching for separated family members across borders, share experiences and sometimes support each other in the development of the services.

JNCR, alongside partner organisations, reached 39,261 people through the tracing programme in 2016.

Additionally, the Jordan National Red Crescent Society is assisting with 79 cases of Allegation of Arrest. This is undertaken jointly with the ICRC.

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