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Workshop on the principles of the RCRC movement for students at the Odai Secondary School for Girls

21 May 2015


 Last week the JRC, in collaboration with the Education Directorate , led a workshop for students to introduce them the the Jordanian RCRC movement. The workshop was attended by nearly 100 students of different ages from different schools affiliated with the JRC as well as teaching and administrative bodies from the directorate. Mohamad Tarifi, director of public relations and media at the JRC, led the workshop at the Odai Secondary School for Girls. He explained the principle and history of the RCRC movement, beginning with its founding by Swiss businessman Henry Dunant.

Tarifi discussed the mission of the RCRC, which is to provide protection, help, and assistance to victims of wars and conflicts and to promote and develop international humanitarian law. He also talked about the seven principles of the movement, humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity, and universality . Tarifi emphasized how the movement has the support of millions of volunteers committed to the seven fundamental principles.




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