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Youth Volunteer Initiatives

The Youth Volunteer Initiatives is a component in the Youth Programme implemented by Jordan Red Crescent (JRC) and funded by the Danish Red Cross (DRC).

The purpose of the Youth Volunteer Initiatives is to allow youth volunteers to develop mini-projects and activities for vulnerable youth in their community. The volunteers gain experience whilst creating submissions; they are required to perform needs assessments and budgets, ensuring well thought out solutions that will improve their own lives, and others in the community.

The JRC Youth and Volunteer Unit provides support and supervision to youth volunteers on completing the application, and if successful, implementation of mini projects.

The Youth Volunteers are required to monitor and evaluate the project, with consideration to success of the activities, the timeliness, and the budget. The final evaluation must include consideration of how the experience can be used in the future.

Examples of Youth Initiatives include classes in soap making, mosaic making, literacy, handicrafts and accessories, sewing, crochet and recycling projects.

You can see some of the great success stories of Youth Initiatives here.

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