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Life Saving Captcha Project

The Jordan National Red Crescent Society has launched the Captcha initiative, or online verification letters, to reach the youth and future generations to spread knowledge about first aid among different segments of society.

Captcha is a is a type of challenge-response test used online, to determine whether or not the user is human.

The idea for the initiative came through noticing the most popular websites in Jordan use Captcha to verify their users. Instead of the user being asked to identify distorted numbers, they are provided with simple three word sentences that offers useful information on first aid.

This simple idea contributes to educating a large segment of society, particularly focusing on youth, on essential first aid principles. The First Aid principles are simplified into 3 word sentences, which are easy to use in the verification process, and are also easy for the internet user to remember.

An example of the information provided includes action to be taken when dealing with an unconscious person. The key message from this captcha screen is to:

1. Put the unconscious person onto his/her side

2. Check the person is breathing

3. Tilt the person's head back to allow air to move freely in and out of the mouth

4. Keep the person warm

This life-saving project was launched in February 2017. Organisations interested in using the free captcha software on their webpage can download the source file from this website

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