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Livelihoods Programme

Livelihoods, or simply stated ‘making a living’, is one of the main Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement programmes focusing on creating resilience with households or communities. All programmes implemented by the Jordan National Red Crescent will contain an element of livelihoods outcomes.

During times of disaster, emergency or other shocks, people will rely on coping strategies. Livelihoods programmes can be implemented in any type of disaster, at any stage, to assist people return to a state of normalcy, strengthening their capacities.

Livelihoods support generates a positive impact in the empowerment of individuals, making it possible to make them leaders of their own development, ensuring self-sufficiency and breaking with dependency dynamics.

By ensuring vulnerable households have sustainable means of living, their incomes, their self-esteem, their possession of assets and their social participation will increase significantly over time.


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