Cash Support Programme
    1098 Reached
    Community-Based Health Programme
    67933 Reached
    Vocational Training Centre
    354 Reached
    Winter Campaign
    500 Reached
  • Winter Campaign
    500 Reached
  • Vocational Training Centre
    354 Reached
  • Community-Based Health Programme
    67933 Reached
  • Cash Support Programme
    1098 Reached


  • In collaboration with the Qatari Red Crescent, the Jordan Red Crescent conducted an analysis of the humanitarian and medical needs of the Syrian refugees. A medical program was also launched to meet the needs of the refugees, and implement this programme in cooperation and in coordination with international NGOs and the United Nations.

    Hospitals in Amman and Irbid have been contracted to receive and provide treatment to patients, which has exceeded 670 patients to date.

  • This programme started in 2006, with assistance from the Red Crescent Society from the United Arab Emirates, and origninally reached 840 orphans. The programme has now reached more than 3,000 orphans.

    The programme targets orphans of all genders aged from one to eighteen years old, from all governorates of the country, unless he or she is enrolled in college. The programme eases financial burdens of the family, helping them meet the basic living requirements of orphans. The programme also accepts children who have lost just one parent.

  • Livelihoods, or simply stated ‘making a living’, is one of the main Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement programmes focusing on creating resilience with households or communities. All programmes implemented by the Jordan National Red Crescent will contain an element of livelihoods outcomes.

    During times of disaster, emergency or other shocks, people will rely on coping strategies. Livelihoods programmes can be implemented in any type of disaster, at any stage, to assist people return to a state of normalcy, strengthening their capacities.

  • All of the projects and programmes undertaken by the Jordan National Red Crescent Society will have dissemination of International Humanitarian Law as a thematic principle.

    The aims of dissemination are:

    • To increase understanding of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement (its founding, components, functions and activities).
    • To define International Humanitarian Law
    • The expand the integration of humanitarian concepts of the ICRC and Red Crescent Societies.


  • The Community-Based Health and First Aid (CBHFA) approach empowers volunteers and communities to take charge of their own health. Using simple tools adapted to local contexts, communities are mobilised to address and prioritise their health needs.

  • This programme was initiated by the Jordanian Red Crescent to establish a training centre for first aid and prevention of risks. It has conducted training sessions in a number of colleges, companies, hotels and public institutions, as well as training volunteers from the Jordanian Red Crescent in all governorates of Jordan.

    The training covers dealing with injuries and emergencies, as well as giving out other life-saving information.

  • Working with the ICRC, IFRC and the German Red Cross, the Cash Assistance program provides cash donations to refugee families in need. The delivery of cash grants allows families to use the money where it is most needed, and constitutes a dignified and empowering mode of support.

    The cash is distributed by two methods; either the family receives a debit card to use, or they are identified in a bank through iris recognition systems.

    In 2016, 24,370 beneficiaries were provided cash support through JNRCS programmes.

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