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Community Development Centre

The Jordanian Red Crescent Centre for Community Development was established in August 2008. The project aims to improve the psychological and social well-being of families through the implementation of social workshops.

Originally based in Al Hashmi Al Shamali, the operations have expanded to include different areas in the Kingdom, including Amman, Jerash Ajloun and Aqaba.

The Centres provide:

Activities for children from 4 to 12 years of age:

Daily and weekly activities aim to create a fun atmosphere for children to develop confidence, tolerance, and interacting with other children through drawing, theatre, acting, role-playing, and story-telling.

Activities for children from 7 to 9 years of age:

These activities are aimed at developing a positive personality, self-confidence and responsibility, solving problems and self-expression utilising drawing, theatre sports and various handicrafts.

Activities for early teens - 9 to 12 years of age:

Weekly workshops are organised, designed to improve social communication, coping and awareness strategies, taking responsibility, and finding positive ways to deal with fear, expressing thoughts and feelings, and training to relax.

Activities for teenagers - 13-19 years of age:

These weekly sessions are aimed at discussing methods of adaptation and creating a positive future. The activities, designed for the needs of this particular age group, focus on developing life skills.

Activities for parents of children attending the Centre:

The sessions are aimed at involving parents in activities with their children, to strengthen the relationship between parent and child, spending constructive and creative time together.

Activities for mothers, fathers and caregivers:

Through weekly dialogue sessions, parents and caregivers are helped to build coping strategies, build positive relationships within the family, and protect family members against gender-based violence.

Educational activities:

The Centre encourages the local community to participate in celebrations, spending time together on recreational and educational trips, and organising celebrations for all groups of the local community.

All of the Centre’s activities are monitored by a team of psychologists, psychologists and social workers. Each activity is monitored by a Jordanian Red Crescent facilitator who has scientific and practical training.

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