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Jordan Red Crescent Hospital

Located on-site at the Jordan National Red Crescent Society Headquarters in Amman, the Jordan Red Crescent Hospital provides general hospital services on a non-profit basis to the public.

Established in 1948, the Hospital started as a tent providing medical services to the Palestinian refugee community, living in the adjacent Wihdat Camp (Amman New Camp). As the second largest refugee camp in Jordan, the Hospital provided essential medical services to the evacuee community.

The Hospital was later moved into a small building, which has been extended and renovated numerous times, to obtain its current size.

The Hospital now contains 120 beds, ranging from spacious private rooms, shared rooms with 4 beds, through to observation wards for post-operative care. All rooms have private bathroom facilities.

The Hospital has the following departments:

•          Emergency Department

•          Obstetrics and Gynaecology

•          Intensive Care Unit

•          Surgical Unit

•          Dialysis Unit

•          Medical laboratory

The Hospital also has its own blood bank, and is (possibly) the only Hospital in Jordan with such a facility.

It is equipped with its own X-ray facilities, ultrasound machines, and a mammography machine.

The Hospital can provide services for most surgeries required, with the exception of complex or cardiac surgeries, which are referred to other health centres. Many plastic surgery procedures are carried out, with plans to expand this service in the near future.

The maternity ward sees many patients, with between 3 and 5 babies born in the Hospital each day. There are dedicated rooms for labour, delivery, immediate post-partum observation rooms, and a standard ward room for the remainder of the new mother’s stay. The delivery room features resuscitation and foetal monitoring equipment. The maternity section is equipped with special care humidicribs for premature babies.

The Intensive Care Unit is a modern 4 bed unit, which is fully prepared with essential monitoring equipment for critically ill patients. Staff have been specially trained in Intensive Care procedures and practices.

The Hospital employs more than 100 staff, ranging from medical practitioners through to maintenance and service level employees. It has 5 resident doctors, and a number of specialists making routine visits.

There is a dedicated Hospital kitchen, providing high quality, healthy and nutritious meals to patients.

The Hospital runs as a Not For Profit organisation, providing all services at cost price. This allows the organisation to offer significantly lower prices than other profitable health care providers in Jordan.

Whilst the Hospital provides services to many Jordanian residents, it has also undertaken many projects with international partner organisations focusing on refugee health services. These include the provision of free health services to a range of refugee communities. These projects have facilitated consultations of between 60 and 80 Iraqi refugees per day, and 20 to 25 Syrian refugees per day.

The Hospital continues to provide services to the residents of the Wihdat Refugee Camp to the present day. It is located within walking distance of the city centre of Amman, with multiple public transport options, ensuring access for the city’s most vulnerable residents. An ambulance service is also provided.

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