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National Centre for First Aid and Risk Reduction

First aid is a humanitarian act that should be accessible to all. With first aid skills, volunteers and communities are empowered to save lives without discrimination. The JNRCS has a long history of working in first aid, and a key part of the Society’s mandate is to ensure Jordanian communities have the necessary knowledge to participate as first aiders.

JNRCS established the National Centre for First Aid and Risk Reduction in 2001, which provides practical, hands-on first aid training to all Jordanian community members, as well as vulnerable populations in the country such as Syrians and Iraqis. The overall goal of the programme is to have a trained first aider in every household.

To date, training courses have included basic and intermediate first aid, and speciality training on topics such as firefighting and lifeguards for swimming areas. Courses have also been specifically tailored for women householders. ‘Train the trainers’ courses are regularly scheduled, encouraging participants to disseminate vital first aid knowledge throughout their communities.

Training courses may include subjects such as infection control, bleeding, recognising shock, CPR, treating burns and in some courses, animal bites.

Training has also been provided to a large number of teachers across Jordan, ensuring preparedness for emergencies within schools.

To ensure the community is prepared for a larger scale crisis (or mass incidents), the Jordan Red Crescent is also creating and training specific response teams. These courses cover not only first aid, but also cover risk reduction topics.

  • Red Crescent Action Teams are being created with volunteers, to respond to emergencies at the Branch level.
  • Local Community Emergency Teams are also being created harnessing volunteer labour; these teams are created at the neighbourhood level.
  • Field Assessment and Coordination Teams training has also been delivered.

The National Centre for First Aid is located at JNRCS Headquarters in Amman.

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