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Vocational Training Centre

The Vocational Training Centre was founded in 1951, receiving its licence from the Ministry of Education in 1953. It was officially approved by the Jordan Ministry of Labour in 2015. Our current programmes are delivered in partnership with the ICRC and IFRC. Previous projects have been delivered in partnership with the German Red Cross and French Red Cross.

The objectives of the Centre are to empower women and girls with skills that enable them to create better jobs to improve their family income. We provide advice and guidance to trainees in the basics of marketing, how to establish small income-generating projects and to support and increase the confidence of women and girls themselves.

The Centre holds training courses with a nominal fee in sewing, detailing, hairdressing, beauty, handicrafts and computers, including training for the International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) exam.

A further role of the Centre is to raise awareness in trainees to reduce violence, introduce first aid and household safety, guidelines for establishing small business, personal development skills, marketing principles, product quality, literacy classes, and dissemination of the principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

The trainees are awarded certificates certified by the Jordanian Red Crescent and the Ministry of Labour Accreditation and Quality Control Centre,

The Centre is self-financed, providing training to 350-400 girls and women annually,

In addition, the Centre manages some income-generating projects to cover some of its operating expenses.

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